Public Affairs Awards Europe Judges 

Here you will find a list of all the Public Affairs Awards Europe Judges.

Francis Ingham MPRCA

Francis is the Director General of the PRCA and Chief Executive of ICCO.

Jean-Leopold Schuybroek

Co-chairman of the Judging Panel

Jean-Leopold is the Founder of Interel.

Michael Burrell FPRCA

Co-chairman of the Judging Panel

Lionel Zetter FPRCA

Lionel is the Managing Director of Zetter’s Political Services and Chairman of the PRCA Public Affairs and Lobbying Group.

Christian Hierholzer

Christian is the Managing Director of Hanover Communications in Brussels.

Jamie Fortescue

Jamie is the Managing Director of Starch Europe.

Russell Patten

Russell is the CEO of Grayling Belgium.

Thomas Reynaert

Thomas is the Managing Director of A4E.

Martin Liptrot

Martin is a Public Affairs Strategist at 98Republic.

Giuseppe Marletta

Giuseppe is the Association Manager for the International Association of Young Lawyers.

Albi Alla

Albi is a lobbyist at Alber & Geiger

Natasha Levanti

Natasha Levanti is Director of, and a specialist in strategic corporate affairs as well as impactful global leadership.

Patrick Gibbels

Patrick is the Director of Gibbels Public Affairs.

Christophe Lécureuil

Christophe is the Executive Director of the European Center for Public Affairs.

Mark Dober

Mark is the Managing Director of the Brussels office of Ellwood Atfield.

Viviana Spaghetti

Viviana is the Head of the EU team at The Whitehouse Consultancy.

Wes Himes

Wes is a Managing Partner at the Instinctif Partners Brussels Office. He is also the President of SEAP, the Society of European Affairs Professionals.

Renatte Georgescu

Renatte is the Deputy Head of European External Affairs at Unilever.

Simon Nayyar

Simon is the Managing Director of Acuitas Communications.

Jill Craig

Jill is the Managing Director of Hume Brophy in Brussels.

Leonardo Sforza

Leonardo is a Managing Director, Public Affairs Practice Leader – EMEA at MSL Group.

Nele Devolder

Nele is the Association Director at Kellen.

Karl Cox

Karl is the Vice President for Global Public Affairs at Oracle.

Juan Antonio Pavon

Juan is a Policy and Political Consultant, and Director at 

Alain Berger

Alain is the Executive Strategy Director at Hill+Knowlton Strategies.

Virginia Lee

Virginia is the Director of Communications at Cable Europe.

Catherine Van Reeth

Catherine is the Director General of Toy Industries Europe.

Wouter Lox

Wouter is the Managing Director of EuSalt.

Anna Drozd

Anna is the EU Professional Practice Policy Advisor at The Law Society EU.

Roxane Feller

Roxane is the Secretary General of AnimalhealthEurope.

Carole Brigaudeau

Carole is the Director of Communications at spiritsEUROPE.

Jonna Byskata

Jonna is the Director of Government Relations Europe at United Technologies Corporation.